Cosmic 2000  520x380  96kB  MB theme 2002  550x400 21kB
 Ecce Homo 2000  550x400 72kB  Figures 2OOO 550x400 65kB
 Fisherman 1999  550x400 301kB  Reggae 2000  265x187 179kB
 Ga-Ga 2000  440x340 81kB  Clones 2001 550x400 58kB
 Kangaroo 2001 482x360 1200kB  Flying object 1999 550x350 49kB
 Ornamy 2001 700x349 200kB  Rofl 2006 330x246 326kB
 Markete 2006 600x300 83kB  Bubles 2002 550x400 4kB

Those are some of my animations, some of them are little bit interactive, they are not perfect, but what is.. I made them mostly for the enjoying of me and few of my friends.


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